International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development (Renewable Energy Conferences 2024)


Join us at the International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in Zurich, Switzerland, on July 22-23, 2024. Explore the theme “Tackling Renewable Resources for a Sustainable Future” with experts, policymakers, and industry leaders worldwide. Engage in plenary sessions, workshops, and dynamic presentations from all over the globe, including vibrant poster presentations and oral sessions featuring young researchers.

Scientific Sessions

01. Agricultural Waste Recycling
02. Biodiesel and Biofuels
03. Bio-Energy from Waste and Bioremediation
04. Biological Medical Waste
05. Biomass (Biofuel, Biogas and Biomass)
06. Chemical Waste Recycling
07. Construction and Demolition Waste
08. Industrial and Chemical Waste Recycling
09. Nuclear Waste and Recycling
10. Chemical Waste Recycling
11. Recycling and Upcycling
12. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery
13. Energy Storage and Conversion
14. Environment and Pollution Issues
15. Environmental Chemistry and Science
16. E-Waste Management
17. Food Waste Recycling
18. Global Challenges in Energy
19. Organic Waste Recycling
20. Plastic Waste Management
21. Pollution and Climate Change
22. Remote Sensing and Satellite Technology
23. Renewable Energy
24. Ship Recycling Industry

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens22/07/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline15/07/2024
Abstract Submission Closes23/07/2024
Registration Opens15/07/2024
Registration Deadline22/07/2024
Registration Closes23/07/2024
Early bird registration15/07/2024
on spot registration22/07/2024
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