International Experts Summit on Quantum Technologies (QuantumTech Summit-2025)


Dear Colleagues,We welcome you to the International Experts Summit on Quantum Technologies (QuantumTech Summit-2025) in Singapore, March 14-16, 2025. We are excited about the opportunities of holding an innovative hybrid conference (both Online & In-person) and reaching a wider audience than a conference can possibly include. Participants from around the world are expected to participate actively in this event.

We are confident that this will be a platform to gather and disseminate the latest knowledge in recent advancements in emerging areas of diversified research fields covered during a conference that will provide a platform for the participants to share experiences and knowledge through several sessions, plenary & keynote presentations, workshops, and performances.

You can expect a stimulating, fruitful, and enjoyable time in Singapore. We look forward to meeting you in Singapore for the International Experts Summit on Quantum Technologies QuantumTechSummit-2025

Scientific Sessions

Quantum Computing
Quantum software and programming languages
Quantum key distribution
Quantum network architectures
Quantum sensors for biomedical applications
Quantum Materials and Devices
Quantum device fabrication techniques
Quantum Simulation
Quantum simulation algorithms and techniques
Fundamental concepts in quantum mechanics
Quantum algorithms
Quantum error correction
Quantum secure communication protocols,
Quantum Sensing and Metrology,
Quantum-enhanced imaging and microscopy,
Quantum Materials and Devices,
Quantum dots and nanowires,
Applications of quantum simulation in chemistry and materials science,
Benchmarking and validation of quantum simulator,
Quantum hardware developments,
Quantum Communication and Cryptography,
Quantum-resistant cryptography,
Quantum metrology techniques,
Quantum-enhanced measurements in industry
Novel quantum materials,
Superconducting qubits and other quantum hardware,
Quantum simulators for condensed matter phi,
Quantum Theory and Foundations,

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/03/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline03/03/2025
Abstract Submission Closes26/02/2025
Registration Opens01/03/2024
Registration Deadline10/03/2025
Registration Closes06/03/2025
Early bird registration22/04/2024
on spot registration25/05/2025
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