3rd Edition of the International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics (PROBIOTICS 2025)


We are thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated 3rd Edition of the International Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics (PROBIOTICS 2025), during March 27-29, 2025. This groundbreaking event will be hosted in Singapore, offering a unique blend of in-person engagement and online accessibility through our innovative hybrid format with the theme “Microbiome Matters: Shaping the Future of Health with Probiotics and Prebiotics“.

Scientific Sessions

2.Nutritional Aspects of Probiotics and Prebiotics
3.Digestive System & Microbes
4.Market Analysis of Prebiotics and Probiotics
5.Microflora in Health and Disease Control
6.Naturally Occurring Probiotics
7.Next-Generation Probiotics
8.Personalised Probiotics
9.Probiotic and Prebiotic Supplements
10.Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics
11.Probiotics Delivery System
12.Genomics of Probiotics and Prebiotics
13.Gastrointestinal Health and Infections
14.Development of Probiotic Food Formulations
15.Fermentation Process
16.Probiotics R&D
17.Beneficial Microbes from Human and Animal Intestines
18.High-Throughput Technologies in Probiotics Science
19.Probiotic Microorganisms, Host-Induced Effects and Host Health
20.Novel Techniques and Economical Sources for Prebiotic Production
21.Regulatory Perspectives and Future of Probiotics and Prebiotics
22.Probiotics and Human Health
23.Probiotics and Intestinal Health
24.Probiotics and Oral Health
25.Probiotics and The Gut-Brain Axis
26.Probiotics and The Gut-Liver Axis
27.Probiotics and Urogenital Health
28.Probiotics for Infants
29.Probiotics for Women
30.Probiotic Foods
31.Probiotics Side Effects
33.Probiotics in Obesity and Weight-Loss
34.Probiotic-Derived Products
35.Novel Strains of Probiotics and Their Sources
36.Encapsulation of Probiotics

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