4th Global Conference on Polymers, Plastics & Composites (PPC-2024)


We are excited to announce that this year the 4th Global Conference on Polymers, Plastics & Composites (PPC-2024) will take place in Paris, France (and Online). PPC-2024 will be onsite (and online) on July 11- 12, 2024. Innovinc International -A premier firm in professional conference management, will organize PPC-2024.

During these two days, a broad range of topics will be covered in scientific sessions in the form of oral presentations and poster sessions. And, not to forget, there will also be invited lectures from renowned researchers from all over the world, each of them intricately connected to the conference topics.

The main objectives of PPC-2024 are to bring together onsite the scientists and researchers, senior as well as early-stage, working in the field of Polymer chemistry, plastics, sustainability, and resilience to report the latest advances in their fields. Social events between the scientific sessions are also aimed to provide an opportunity to develop networks among researchers.

Scientific Sessions

Polymer synthesis and characterization
Reinforced Plastics and Composites
Polymer engineering and processing
Biomedical and Biomimetic Composites
Polymers in Medicine, Biology and personal care
Polymers and the environment
Polymeric Composites, Nano composites and Hybrid materials
Polymer physics: structure, properties, and processing
Functional Polymers and materials
Carbon, ceramic and metal Matrix composites
Biodegradable Polymers And Recycling Strategies
Applications of Composites
Modeling and Simulation of Polymers
Polymer Physics and Theory
Polymer Education
Packaging Solutions and Plastics
Plastics Recycling Technology Landscape
Global regulatory updates and their impact on Plastics
Waste management and Best practices
Circular economy models
Bioplastics and Biopolymers
Composite Science and Technology
Polymer Composites
Metals and Alloys
Concretes and Building Materials
Composites Engineering and Applications
Organic, Inorganic, and Ceramic Based Composites

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