2nd International Meet & Expo on Polymer Science and Composite Materials (POLYMERMEET2024)


It is our pleasure to invite all scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students from all over the world to attend the 2nd International Meet & Expo on Polymer Science and Composite Materials (POLYMERMEET2024) will be held in Osaka, Japan during April 18-20, 2024.

Scientific Sessions

hemical modifications and functionalizations of polymers
New synthesis methods of polymers
Supramolecular chemistry of polymers
Crystal structures and crystallization of polymers
Configuration and conformation of polymer chains
Dynamics of polymers
Phase transitions, phase separations, and phase structures
Self-assembling of polymers
Simulations and theoretical calculations
Polymers in photovoltaics, OLEDs, batteries, supercapacitors, optoelectronics, optics, and photonics
Hydrogels, polyelectrolytes
Retardant polymers
Functional composites
New processing methods and instruments
3D printing
Spinning, fibers, and textiles
Implantable devices, degradable polymers, drug delivery, tissue engineering scaffolds
Separation and purification
Polymers for Nanotechnology
Shape morphing polymers, soft actuators, robotics, memory materials

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens15/12/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline28/02/2024
Abstract Submission Closes01/03/2024
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