July 29, 2024
The 3rd International Conference on Materials and Nanomaterials (MNs-24) is organized by academics and researchers belonging to different scientific areas of the University of Rome “Niccolò Cusano” di Roma, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, the Universidad de Extremadura, the Universidad...
September 16, 2024
Apex Global Meetings is delighted to announce and cordially invite all the participants across the globe to attend the “Global Summit and Expo on Materials Science and Nanoscience” GSEMSN2024 which will be taking place from September 16-18, 2024 in Prague,...
September 23, 2024
Welcome to NexGen Materials Engineering and Applications Summit (NexMat Summit 24) – the foremost platform driving materials engineering and applications. Join us in Tokyo, Japan, from September 23-25, 2024, for an immersive journey into the world of NexGen materials. Engage...
September 24, 2024
On behalf of the scientific committee and the German Materials Society (DGM), we are honored to welcome you to the International Materials Science and Engineering Congress – MSE 2024. Held in Darmstadt, Germany on September 24-26, 2024, this congress stands...
October 21, 2024
The 5th International Conference on Materials Science & Nanotechnology (Future Materials Conference 2024), the five-day scientific event is scheduled for October 21-25, 2024, in Athens, Greece and Online. Previous editions of Future Materials meetings were hosted in Lisbon, Rome, and...
October 28, 2024
We extend a heartfelt welcome to the 7th Edition of the International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (MAT 2024), a dynamic platform where we will delve into the latest research and innovative strategies in the realm of material science....
October 30, 2024
Join the “Global Event on Material Science and Engineering (Material Science 2024)” by Scitechseries, This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate In person at Valencia, Spain, or Virtually from your home or workplace On October 30-31, 2024. On the theme...
November 14, 2024
World Summit and Expo on Polymers and Composite Materials welcomes you to the latest advancements in the fields of Polymers and Composite Materials will be held on November 14-16, 2024 in Rome, Italy. Our conference brings together leading researchers, innovators,...
November 14, 2024
We welcome everyone to Materials Science Conference 2024 which promises to pick your brain, motivate you and pullout new ideas to push materials research into the next decade. Prezentis cordially invites you to attend the prestigious International Conference on Material...
8th Global-Conference-&-Expo-on-Materials-Science-and-Engineering-(ISTDMSE-2024)
November 18, 2024
Welcome to the 8th Global Conference & Expo on Materials Science and Engineering (ISTDMSE 2024), an international gathering of experts and innovators in the field of materials science and engineering. Join us for this exceptional event, taking place in the vibrant city...