16th International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Safety


The “16th International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Drug Safety” will be held in Dublin, Ireland, on August 30 and 31, 2023, and is open to all attendees from across the world.

Drug Safety 2023 will bring together major figures in the global pharmaceutical and Drug Safety industry from the fields of Pharmacy epidemiology, data analytics, pharmacovigilance, and drug safety. Examine benefit-risk management tactics, patient-centric approaches, and the use of big data and AI in pharmacovigilance. Also, talk about how to deal with social media difficulties and international drug safety legislation.

Theme : Drug safety Management {CME-CPD Accreditations Available}

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Analyses and Quality Control for Pharmaceuticals
Track 2:Biopharmaceuticals, Biomolecules, and Therapeutics
Track 3:Biotechnology and Microbiology in Pharmaceuticals
Track 4:Cellular Targeting and subcellular Delivery
Track 5:Delivery of Medicine via Inhalation
Track 6:Development and Production of Pharmaceutical Products
Track 7:Drug Delivery Technology and Vaccine Design
Track 8:Drug Delivery Using Peptides and Proteins
Track 9:Drug Research and Evaluation
Track 10:Drug Safety
Track 11:Intellectual property rights and regulatory issues
Track 12:Modern drug delivery techniques
Track 13:New Advances in Drug Delivery Systems
Track 14:Pharmaceuticals and Drug Delivery Systems Using Nanotechnology
Track 15:Pharmacogenomics
Track 16:Pharmacology
Track 17:Preformulation Research
Track 18:Radiation-based medicines and biotherapy
Track 19:Research and development in pharmaceuticals
Track 20:Safety of drugs and pharmacovigilance
Track 21:Technologies for Formulation
Track 22:The BBB for drug delivery
Track 23:Therapeutic Drug Transporters

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens10/04/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline10/05/2023
Abstract Submission Closes10/04/2023
Registration Opens10/04/2023
Registration Deadline10/07/2023
Registration Closes10/08/2023
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