World Congress on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Pharma Congress 2024)


We are glad to welcome participants from around the globe to our upcoming “World Congress on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems (Pharma Congress 2024)” during November 14-15, 2024 in Dubai, UAE. Frigate Conferences Specializes in executing successful conferences across the globe for the dissemination of knowledge among eminent scientists, researchers, institutions, and associations. Our scientific events help in bringing a massive change to the global health industry and in ensuring that future generations benefit from the diffusion of knowledge gained through such fruitful events.

Theme: Focus on global issues and explore scientific research in medicine and drug delivery.

The conference invites Directors, Group Leaders, Professors, Associate Professors, Lecturers, Research Associates, Scientists, Investigators, and business delegates from Leading Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Formulation Scientists, Medical Devices, Researchers, Health care professionals, across the globe to provide a better podium, interconnecting the latest research, technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. Participating at the Novel Drug Delivery International conference will be an excellent opportunity to meet eminent personalities in the fields of pharmaceutics and learn about the latest technological advancements in Novel Drug Delivery systems.

Scientific Sessions

Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Drug Targeting and Design
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Drugs
Pharmaceutical Formulation
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Nano particulate Drug Delivery Systems
Smart Drug Delivery Systems
Nanomedicine and Biomedical Applications
Biomaterials in Drug Delivery
Vaccine Drug Delivery Systems
Medical Devices for Drug Delivery
Biologics & Biosimilars
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Pharmaceutical Process Validation
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Clinical Trials and Clinical Research
Pharmacogenetics and Genomics
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy
Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Biopharmaceutics: Research Scope and Prospects
Biopharmaceutical Drug Design and Development
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies of Biopharmaceuticals
Clinical Trials on Biopharmaceuticals Products
Biopharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights
Nanoparticles-An Innovative Drug Delivery System
Pharmaceutical Analysis
Biologics and Biosimilars
BCS and Solubility Enhancement

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