3rd Diabetes, Obesity, and Cholesterol Metabolism Conference (PDOC 2024)


3rd Diabetes, Obesity, and Cholesterol Metabolism Conference (PDOC 2024) will provide the platform for Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Nutritionists, and other related Professionals to present their latest research works. It aims for invaluable scientific discussions and contributes to the future innovations & recent trends in the areas of Diabetes, Obesity, and Endocrinology and also will bring together an interdisciplinary and global team of research professionals.

The event will take place in Dubai, UAE from November 25-26, 2024

Scientific Sessions

Obesity: Diet and Nutrition
Obesity and Diabetes
Obesity and Cancer
Endocrinology and Cholesterol Metabolism
Childhood Obesity and Diabetes
Obesity and Weight Management
Cholesterol and Lipid Metabolism
Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: Stroke and Cardiac Health
Obesity, Diabetes and Pregnancy: Risks and Management
Bariatric Surgery and Advanced Treatments of Diabetes

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/01/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline27/10/2024
Abstract Submission Closes27/10/2024
Registration Opens01/01/2024
Registration Deadline27/10/2024
on spot registration25/11/2024
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