10th International Conference on Molecular Biology and Nucleic Acids (Nucleic Acids 2024)


LexisConferences Conferences invites you to the 10th International Conference on Molecular Biology and Nucleic Acids (Nucleic Acids 2024), being held in London, UK, on June 04–05, 2024. We are a global leader in organizing quality conferences, meetings, workshops, and symposiums in the major fields of science, technology, and medicine. LexisConferences Conferences Meetings hosts more than 1,000 global events in the US, Europe, and Asia each year. Asia with the support of 1,000 other scholarly societies and publishes over 700 open-access journals, which include over 100,000 eminent figures, renowned academic editors and organizing committee members.

LexisConferencesConferences welcomes all directors and managers, company delegates, founders, laboratory directors, universities, industries, researchers, doctoral students, research and diagnostic laboratories, clinical fellows, students and experts for the prestigious Nucleic Acid 2024 conference, making it an ideal platform for sharing and exploring the latest discoveries, clinical experiences, research results, new strategies and the development of new technological applications for innovation and modernization worldwide.

Theme: Advances, Innovation and Extension and Elaboration of Molecular Biology and its various aspects.

Scientific Sessions

Molecular Biology
Molecular Biology of The Cell: An Introduction
Cell Division
DNA Structure
Transcription of Genes
Microbial genetics
Gene Regulation
Molecular Techniques and Current Research Approaches
Nucleic Acids and Electrochemical Methods
Soil Nucleic Acid Extraction
Biomedical Applications of PNA
Peptide Nucleic Acid PNA
Chemically Modified Nucleic Acid Analogues
Nucleic Acids and Their Analogues for Biomedical Applications
DNA sequencing and Molecular Hybridization
Functional genomics: a forensic perspective of biology
Evolution and interdependence of life with RNA molecules
Gene therapy and its uses
Genomics and Proteomics
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Regulation of Transcription in Prokaryotes
CRISPR and Genome Editing Advancements
Synthetic Biology and Genetic Engineering
Epigenetics and Epitranscriptomics
Single-Cell Sequencing Technologies
RNA Therapeutics
Functional Genomics and Systems Biology
Nanotechnology and Nucleic Acids
Crispr Screening and Functional Genomics
Environmental Genomics
Ethical and Regulatory Considerations

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/01/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline31/05/2024
Abstract Submission Closes10/06/2024
Registration Opens01/01/2024
Registration Deadline30/06/2024
Registration Closes30/06/2024
Early bird registration31/03/2024
on spot registration04/07/2024
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