Leadership in Safety Virtual Workshop

The Virtual Leadership in Safety workshop is based upon our multi-award winning Leadership programme, reconfigured to meet the needs of business as a consequence of the Global Coronavirus Pandemic. The virtual workshop takes the lessons and tools shared within our ‘classical’ classroom workshop environment and reinterprets them into an innovative and highly engaging online experience in which guests are able to critically consider the issues that support the emergence of a robust safety culture and the actions that safety leaders can take to support this. It is important for guests to understand that this is NOT a typical videoconference! Despite the fact that guests attend from dispersed locations, this is a workshop and, in the spirit of any workshop, attendees are required to ‘roll up their sleeves (virtually!)’ and get involved in discussions, syndicate activities, role plays etc. By taking the time to listen, to learn and to share you will increase your ability to be a positive influence on the culture of safety that you aspire to. Are you ready to commit to making a positive change?

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