2nd International Summit on Nursing and Healthcare (ISNH2024)


Spectrum Conferences is thrilled to invite you to the 2nd International Summit on Nursing and Healthcare (ISNH2024), which will be held from September 16-18, 2024 in Paris, France. After the success of our first summit, we’re back for an even better second edition.

ISNH2024 is all about shaping the future of nursing and healthcare. We’re bringing together top researchers, industry experts, policymakers, and enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends, tackle challenges, and explore new ideas in these fields. During this three-day event, you can expect engaging discussions, informative talks, interactive workshops, and chances to network. You’ll also have the opportunity to share your own research and expertise, and connect with others who are working on advancing nursing and healthcare.

Scientific Sessions

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Critical Care Nursing
Community Health Nursing
Palliative Care Nursing
Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring
Nursing Ethics and Patient Safety
Healthcare Innovation and Technology
Oncology, Respiratory & Nephrology Nursing
Public Health and Epidemiology
Healthcare and Nutrition
Occupational Health Nursing
Gastrointestinal Nursing
Healthcare Simulation and Training
Healthcare Robotics and Automation
Dermatology , Orthopedic Nursing
Healthcare Sustainability and Environmental Health
Cleaning Standards & Sterilisation Practices
Neurological , Holistic & Diabetes Nursing
Perspectives of Mental Health Nursing
Healthcare Access and Rural Health
Pediatric Immunization and Vaccination
Healthcare Infection Control and Prevention
Global Health and Nursing
Disaster Nursing and Preparedness
Nursing and Healthcare for Underserved Populations
Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
Nursing and Healthcare Workforce Development
Clinical Advances in Sarcoma Survivorship
Nursing and Healthcare for LGBTQ+ Communities
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Nursing and Healthcare for People with Disabilities
Healthcare for Women
Nursing and Healthcare for Veterans
Environmental Health Care
Healthcare in Developing Countries
Healthcare Management and Administration
Healthcare Economics and Finance
Healthcare Marketing and Patient Engagement
Healthcare for Chronic Disease Management
Healthcare Artificial Organs and Prosthetics
Cultural Competence in Sarcoma Survivorship
Healthcare and Mental Health Awareness
Biomedical and Health Informatics
Infectious Diseases & Models of Care
Integrative Medicine in Nursing
Healthcare and Bioethics

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens09/10/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline15/03/2024
Abstract Submission Closes31/05/2024
Registration Opens09/10/2023
Registration Deadline16/09/2024
Registration Closes16/09/2024
Early bird registration09/02/2024
on spot registration16/09/2024
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