3rd Edition of the International Ophthalmology Conference (IOC 2025)


The 3rd Edition of the International Ophthalmology Conference (IOC 2025) is set to illuminate the world of ophthalmology with its comprehensive exploration of cutting-edge research, clinical advancements, and innovative technologies. Scheduled to take place during March 10-12, 2025 at Rome, Italy and worldwide through its hybrid format, allowing global participation and collaboration with the theme of “Visionaries Unite: Redefining Ophthalmic Excellence for a Brighter Tomorrow

This prestigious conference serves as a vital platform for ophthalmologists, vision scientists, researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals to converge and exchange knowledge on a diverse array of topics spanning the entire spectrum of ophthalmology. From fundamental studies in Ophthalmology and Vision Science to the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, every aspect of this multifaceted field will be explored in depth.

Scientific Sessions

1. Ophthalmology and Vision Science
2. Ophthalmology Diseases and Disorders
3. Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology
4. Ophthalmic Healthcare
5. Vision and Eye Movements
6. Ophthalmic Manifestations of Coronavirus
7. Pharmacology and Drug Therapy in Eye Diseases
8. New Diagnostic Techniques and Instruments
9. Ophthalmogenetics and Gene Therapy
10. Regenerative Ophthalmology
11. Ocular Oncology and Eye Tumours
12. Ocular Immunology and Microbiology
13. Eye Allergies, Eye Herpes and Eye Floaters
14. Keratoprosthetics
15. Uveitis Scleritis & Intraocular Inflammation
16. Vision Rehabilitation
17. Optometry, Ophthalmoscopy & Ophthalmic Pathology
18. Ocular Hypertension, Ocular Migraine and Peripheral Vision Loss
19. Cornea and External Diseases
20. Ophthalmological Therapies
21. Eye Surgeries
22. Retina And Retinal Detachment
23. Primary and Secondary Eye Care
24. Dry Eye Infographic/Dry Eye Syndrome
25. Eye Lens, Refractive Errors and Management
26. Neuro-Ophthalmology
27. Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
28. Aging Eyes: Changes, Disease and Care
29. Laboratory Investigations Related to Ophthalmology
30. Patient Safety and Quality of Care Improvements
31. Patient Education, Patient Compliance, Patient Adherence/Satisfaction
32. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Ophthalmology
33. Nanotechnology in Ophthalmology
34. Ophthalmology Research and Novel Approaches

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens16/05/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline28/02/2025
Abstract Submission Closes01/03/2025
Registration Opens17/05/2024
Registration Deadline06/03/2025
Registration Closes10/03/2025
Early bird registration30/05/2024
on spot registration10/03/2025
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