11th International Conference on Interventional Cardiology (Interventional Cardiology 2024)


We are pleased to announce the 11th International Conference on Interventional Cardiology (Interventional Cardiology 2024), scheduled to take place on October 24-25, 2024, in the picturesque city of Zurich, Switzerland. This conference will serve as a premier platform for leading cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, researchers, and industry professionals to gather and exchange knowledge on the latest advancements in cardiovascular interventions.

The theme for Interventional Cardiology 2024 conference is “Advancements in Cardiovascular Interventions: Diagnosis to Regeneration.” We aim to delve into the spectrum of innovative techniques, technologies, and strategies that span the entire continuum of cardiovascular care, from early diagnosis to the exciting frontier of regenerative therapies.

Join us in Zurich for an enriching and transformative experience at the forefront of cardiovascular interventions. Together, let’s explore new horizons in cardiovascular care and pave the way towards improved patient outcomes and enhanced quality of life. We look forward to welcoming you to the 11th International Conference on Interventional Cardiology.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Emerging Techniques in Coronary Interventions
Track 2:Advancements in Coronary Interventions
Track 3:Innovations in Transcatheter Valve Therapies
Track 4:Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Track 5:Innovations in Structural Heart Interventions
Track 6:Innovations in Peripheral Vascular Interventions
Track 7:Emerging Therapies for Myocardial Regeneration
Track 8:Advanced Heart Failure Interventions
Track 9:Precision Medicine in Interventional Cardiology
Track 10:Imaging Modalities in Interventional Cardiology
Track 11:Electrophysiology Advances
Track 12:Structural Heart Disease: Beyond Valve Interventions
Track 13:Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia Management
Track 14:Healthcare Delivery and Quality Improvement
Track 15:Lifestyle and Preventive Cardiology
Track 16:Diagnostic Modalities in Interventional Cardiology
Track 17:Challenges and Controversies in Interventional Cardiology
Track 18:Regenerative Therapies and Novel Approaches

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens25/02/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline01/10/2024
Abstract Submission Closes02/10/2024
Registration Opens01/01/2024
Registration Deadline24/10/2024
Registration Closes24/10/2024
Early bird registration20/06/2024
on spot registration24/10/2024
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