International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery (Pharma DXB 2024)


On behalf of the SCIENTIFINK Group, we are pleased to invite you to the International Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery (Pharma DXB 2024). We look forward to seeing you and your Pharma Professionals team in our conference which will be taking place during May 29, 2024, in Dubai, UAE.

Theme: Advancing Drug Discovery and Development: Innovations and Challenges.

Scientific Sessions

Pharmaceutical Science
Drug Discovery and Research
Clinical and Dispensing Pharmacy
Advances in clinical trials
Pharmacovigilance and drug safety
Pharmacological Sciences
Pharmaceutical Care and Health Systems
Drug Therapy
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Neonatal Pharmacology
Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
Novel Drug Delivery Systems
Pre-formulation Studies
Pharmacy Practice and Administrations
Pharmacy Education and Innovation
Genetic Engineering
Application of nanotechnology in drug delivery systems
Targeted drug delivery systems for cancer therapy
Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine
Regulatory science and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry
Development of drug formulations for improved patient compliance
Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in drug discovery and development
Advancements in Precision Medicine

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens18/05/2023
Abstract Submission Closes15/05/2024
Registration Opens19/05/2023
Registration Closes22/05/2024
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