International Conference on Neuroscience and Mental disorder


United Research Forum, UK is proud to host the International Conference on Neuro Science and Mental Disorder going to be held on June 29-30 2023 to bring together a unique and international mix of experts, scientists, researchers, and students to exchange and share their experiences and research outcomes on all elements of Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences.

Neuro Science and Mental Disorder 2023 offer an unprecedented program with a great list of famous speakers, wide scope of exceptional sessions including Abstract publications in respected journals. Our Neuro Science and Mental Disorder 2023 is prestigious for its idea and forefront content, unmatched networking opportunities, and speaker-benevolent climate. We provide sharing and learning about the latest research on Neuro Science and Mental Disorders and other relevant Neuro Science and Mental disorders. We warmly welcome you to join our Neuro Science and Mental Disorder 2023 Research to attend the conference and share the experiences and lessons with other enthusiasts and develop opportunities for cooperation.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Neuroscience and Neurology

Track 2:Alzheimer's disease

Track 3:Psychology and Mental Health

Track 4:Neuroimmunology

Track 5:Neuromuscular disorders

Track 6:Peripheral Nervous System

Track 7:Brain Structure and Function

Track 8:Paediatric Neurology

Track 9:Brain Injury and Brain Tumours

Track 10:Robotic Neurosurgery

Track 11:Neurosurgery

Track 12:Epilepsy

Track 13:Human Brain Mapping

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/02/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline20/06/2023
Abstract Submission Closes24/06/2023
Registration Opens01/02/2023
Registration Deadline22/06/2023
Registration Closes28/06/2023
Early bird registration01/02/2023
on spot registration28/02/2023
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