International conference on Cancer Science and Research


Prezentis is pleased to welcome you to the “International conference on the basis of Cancer Science and Research” that will be held on November 18-19, 2024, two day program which is going to be held in Dubai, UAE to explore the fascinating world of Cancer science and Research.

The theme is “Global collaboration for cancer and control: challenges and opportunities”.

Scientific Sessions

Oncology Nursing
Organ Specific Cancer
Cancer Epidemiology
Cancer Pathophysiology
Pulmonology Cancer
Pediatric Oncology
Cancer Chemotherapy & Screening
Cancer & Chronic Inflammation
Cancer Metabolism
Cancer Gene Therapy
Cancer & Oncology
Breast Cancer Research
Breast Cancer Research
Cancer Metabolism
Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Therapy
Biology of Cancer
Radiation Oncology
Cancer Novel therapy
Colorectal Cancer
Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
Cancer Nanotechnology
Cancer & Chronic Inflammation
Cancer Stem Cell
Cancer Chemotherapy & Screening
Diagnostics of Cancer
Advances in Cancer Research and Treatment
Case Reports on Cancer
Cancer Reports and Managements
Clinical Research & Clinical Trials of cancer
Cancer Imaging Techniques

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