International Cancer & Oncology Conference


Join us at the International Cancer & Oncology Conference taking place on July 22-23, 2024, in Zurich, Switzerland. Themed Cancer & Oncology Disease: Challenges and Breakthroughs,” this international gathering warmly welcomes researchers, professors, clinicians, and professionals specializing in Cancer & Oncology.

Engage in discussions on current challenges, share groundbreaking research, and forge connections with leading experts in oncology and related fields. Make sure not to miss Cancer Conference 2024 for in-depth conversations on the latest developments in Cancer & Oncology.

Scientific Sessions

1. Session on Cancer
2. Session on Oncology
3. Session on Cancer science
4. Session on Cancer Metabolism
5. Session on Surgical oncology
6. Session on Cancer Diagnosis
7. Session on Radiation Therapy
8. Session on Cancer Immunotherapy
9. Session on Oncotherapy
10. Session on Chemotherapy
11. Session on Lymphoma
12. Session on Targeted Therapy
13. Session on Biomarker Testing
14. Session on Carcinoma
15. Session on Cancer Biology Research
16. Session on Radiation Oncology
17. Session on Leukemia
18. Session on Radiology
19. Session on Tumor
20. Session on Cancer Vaccines
21. Session on Cancer Prevention
22. Session on Oncology Development
23. Session on Tumor Pathology
24. Session on Tumor invasion and Metastasis
25. Session on Childhood Cancers
26. Session on Cancer Research
27. Session on Cancer Stem Cells
28. Session on Oncology Nursing
29. Session on Skin Cancer

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens16/05/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline20/07/2024
Abstract Submission Closes20/07/2024
Registration Opens16/05/2024
Registration Deadline20/07/2024
Registration Closes20/07/2024
Early bird registration30/05/2024
on spot registration31/05/2024
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