International Experts Summit on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (IESCCE-2024)


We warmly welcome you to the International Experts Summit on Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (IESCCE-2024) in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan during September 23- 25, 2024. We are excited about the opportunities of holding an innovative hybrid conference and reaching a wider audience than a conference can possibly include. Participants from around the world are expected to actively participate in this event. It consists of a number of tutorial/keynote lectures, as well as research talks present- ing frontier Catalysis research developments and innovative Chemical Engineering in the areas of Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Photocatalysis, Fluid Mechanics

We are certain that this will be a platform to gather and disseminate the latest knowl- edge in recent advancements in emerging areas of diversified research fields covered during a conference that will provide a platform for the participants to share expe- riences and knowledge through several sessions, plenary & keynote presentations, oral and poster presentations, world-class researchers, workshops, and sponsors ex- hibits. You can expect a very stimulating, fruitful, and enjoyable time in Tokyo, Japan. We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo

Scientific Sessions

Chemical Engineering
Advanced Catalytic systems
Homogeneous and Molecular Catalysis
Heterogeneous catalysis
Biochemical Engineering
Chemical Polymer Technology
Biofuels in Chemical Engineering
Organic Chemistry
Industrial catalysis
Catalytic Reactions Engineering
Catalysis and Zeolites
Energy Conversion, Bio catalysis, and Biotransformation
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Catalysis for Renewable Chemicals
Catalysis and Nanotechnology
Heat and Mass Transfer in Chemical Engineering
Catalysis Process Engineering
Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering
Applications of Chemical Technology
Chemical Synthesis and Catalysts Synthesis
Fluid Mechanics
Computational Catalysis

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/02/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline30/08/2024
Abstract Submission Closes20/09/2024
Registration Opens03/02/2024
Registration Deadline30/08/2024
Registration Closes10/09/2024
Early bird registration23/02/2024
on spot registration01/09/2024
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