Global Congress on Public Health and Healthcare (Public Health 2024)


Welcome to the Global Congress on Public Health and Healthcare (Public Health 2024), scheduled to be held in the vibrant city of London, UK, from April 25 to 26, 2024. We are thrilled to extend our warm invitation to you for this esteemed event.

Under the overarching theme of “Advancing Global Health: Nurturing Communities,” this congress aims to serve as a significant platform for experts, researchers, and professionals from across the globe to exchange knowledge and insights in the field of public health and healthcare. It also offers affiliated organizations a valuable opportunity to showcase their recent advancements and enhance their visibility on the global stage.

Scientific Sessions

Disability and Inclusive Health
Prevention of Illness and Disease
Healthy Living and Wellbeing
Healthcare Accessibility
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Community Health and Wellbeing
Pandemic Response (COVID19)
Corporate Social Responsibility in Public Health
Emergency Preparedness and Public Health
Disabilities and Health
Environmental Health and Sustainability
Equity and Fairness in Public Health
Ethics and Legal Aspects of Public Health
Disease Patterns and Epidemiology
Food Safety and Hygiene
Information Technology in Public Health
Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Immune System Function and Health
Healthrelated Behavior and Practices
Health Communication Strategies
Healthcare Access and Availability
Holistic and Traditional Medicine
Public Health in Communities
Public Health Crisis Management
Environmental and Ecohealth
Equity and Justice in Public Health
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health
Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology
Nutritional Safety and Hygiene
Health Information Technology
Immunological Defense Mechanisms
Administration and Leadership in Public Health
Emotional and Psychological Health

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