13th European Congress on Nephrology, Internal Medicine, and Kidney Diseases (Euro Nephrology Summit 2025)

13th-European-Congress-on Nephrology,-Internal-Medicine,-and-Kidney-Diseases-(Euro-Nephrology-Summit-2025)

The 13th European Congress on Nephrology, Internal Medicine, and Kidney Diseases (Euro Nephrology Summit 2025) is a highly anticipated event in the medical community, set to take place in Paris, France on April 16-17, 2025. The conference brings together leading nephrologists, internal medicine specialists, and kidney disease experts from around the world to share knowledge, present research, and discuss the latest advances in the field.

Attendees can look forward to a wide range of topics, including new approaches to diagnosing and treating kidney diseases, innovations in kidney transplantation, and emerging technologies for managing chronic kidney disease. The conference also provides an excellent opportunity for networking, as attendees can connect with peers, industry professionals, and leading researchers.

Theme : Global Innovations and Breakthroughs in Nephrology & Kidney Diseases.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Kidney Stones
Track 2:Diagnostic, Imaging and Radiation Techniques
Track 3:Stem cells in Renal Disorders
Track 4:Technological Advancements in Nephrology
Track 5:Biomarkers of Kidney Diseases
Track 6:Diet for Kidney Health
Track 7:Hereditary Kidney Disorders
Track 8:Cardiorenal Syndrome
Track 9:Nephrotic Syndrome
Track 10:Nephrology
Track 11:Glomerular Disease
Track 12:Kidney Transplantation
Track 13:Stages of Kidney Diseases
Track 14:Drugs used in the treatment of Kidney Diseases
Track 15:Clinical Nephrology
Track 16:Pediatric Nephrology
Track 17:Diabetic Nephropathy
Track 18:Hypertension associated with Kidney Diseases

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens30/06/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline30/06/2024
Abstract Submission Closes28/06/2024
Registration Opens28/06/2024
Registration Deadline28/06/2024
Registration Closes28/06/2024
Early bird registration28/06/2024
on spot registration16/04/2025
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