8th Annual Conference on Oral Care and Dentistry (Dental Oral Care 2024)

8th Annual-Conference-on-Oral-Care-and-Dentistry-(Dental-Oral-Care-2024)

Dear Esteemed Participants, It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to all participants for the upcoming “8th Annual Conference on Oral Care and Dentistry” – Dental Oral Care 2024, scheduled to take place on October 17-18, 2024, in Barcelona, Spain. This conference serves as a unique opportunity for dental community to converge, share knowledge, and engage in insightful discussions on the latest trends and advancements in dental research, technology, and practice.

Dental Oral Care 2024 will be a gathering of eminent scientists, doctors, researchers, university professors, and students. The event will feature a comprehensive program comprising lectures, oral and poster presentations, exhibitions, and more, providing a platform to share research experiences and garner recognition through certificates signed by our eminent world-class organizing committee.

Theme: Revolutionizing Dental Practice with Modern Applications.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Dentistry
Track 2:Dental Health
Track 3:Dental Anatomy
Track 4:Tooth Anatomy
Track 5:Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Track 6:Digital Dentistry
Track 7:Restorative Dentistry
Track 8:Cosmetic Dentistry
Track 9:Pediatric Dentistry
Track 10:Nano Dentistry
Track 11:Dental Surgery
Track 12:Dental Treatments
Track 13:Dental Imaging and Dental Instruments
Track 14:Dental Complications
Track 15:Endodontics
Track 16:Periodontics
Track 17:Prosthodontics
Track 18:Orthodontics
Track 19:Hypodontics
Track 20:Oral Cancer
Track 21:Oral Pathology
Track 22:Dental Problems
Track 23:Craniofacial Surgery
Track 24:Pathophysiology of Dental and Oral disorders
Track 25:Dental Therapeutics and Pharmacology
Track 26:Clinical Research in Dental Health
Track 27:Dental Caries and Treatment Methodologies
Track 28:Dental Products and Biomaterials
Track 29:Dental Hygiene
Track 30:Dental Implants

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Closes18/09/2024
Registration Closes18/10/2024
Early bird registration17/06/2024
on spot registration18/10/2024
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