2nd International Cell Science and Molecular Biology forum (CSMBFORUM2024)


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the meeting of the 2nd International Cell Science and Molecular Biology forum (CSMBFORUM2024), which will be held on 06-08 May, 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic. The conference covers many aspects of cell and molecular biology topics including cell signaling, regulation of gene expression, as well as basic and preclinical studies on several diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and neurological disorders. This year we will also have workshops on particular subjects, such as the workshop on “New Developments in Anti-Cancer Research” that is already announced. We are lucky to have many great speakers that will cover their state-of-the-art research, as well as the latest developments in the cure of some diseases.

Scientific Sessions

Cell Science
Molecular Biology
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Cell Matrix Biology and Osmosis
Cellular Targeted Therapy
Cellular Chemotherapy
Cellular Immunology and Antibiotics
Cellular Biochemistry and Pharmacology
Fundamental Cell Science
Germ Cells and Epigenetics
Novel Stem Cell Technologies
Stem Cells in Diseases
Stem Cell Transplantation and Biomaterials
CRISPR and Gene Editing
Molecular Biomarkers
Cell Mechanics
DNA and RNA Transcription
Plant Molecular Biology
Cell Death and Disease
Signal Transduction Inhibitors
Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Molecular Evolution and Endocrinology
Developmental and Computational Biology
Plant, Animal Cell Biology and Diseases
Microbiology and Genetics
Evolutionary and Conservation Biology
Cells and Tissue Development
Cells and their Organic Compounds
Hematopoietic Cells(RBC)
Molecular Cell and Molecular Biotechnology

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline28/02/2024
Registration Opens28/03/2024
Early bird registration18/02/2024
on spot registration06/05/2024
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