8th International Conference on Infectious Diseases: Control and Prevention (Infection Control 2024)


We are glad to announce the “8th International Conference on Infectious Diseases: Control and Prevention (Infection Control 2024)” to be held in Rome, Italy on April 29-30, 2024, organized in collaboration with generous support and cooperation from enthusiastic academicians and editorial Board Members.

Theme: Implementing Innovative Methods in Infection Prevention and Control.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Infectious Disease Pathology
Track 2:Infection Treatment and Control
Track 3:Emerging Infectious Diseases
Track 4:Influenza and Diagnostic Approaches
Track 5:Vaccine Research & Development
Track 6:Veterinary Infection Control
Track 7:HIV Prevention, Treatment and Cure
Track 8:Nosocomial Infections & Control
Track 9:Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Track 10:Disinfection and Sterilization
Track 11:Nursing Infection Control
Track 12:Risk Factors & Prevention
Track 13:Infection Control Bacteriology
Track 14:Infection Control in Dental
Track 15:Practices & Awareness
Track 16:Hepatitis Prevention
Track 17:Infection Control Precautions
Track 18:Treatment for Tuberculosis
Track 19:Infection Control Treatment & Diagnosis
Track 20:Infection Control Business
Track 21:Practical Guidelines
Track 22:Covid-19 Infections

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