7th International Conference On Epidemiology and Public Health (Epidemiology 2023)


We are pleased to invite you all to attend the “7th International Conference On Epidemiology and Public Health (Epidemiology 2023)” which will be held during November 21-22, 2023 in Rome, Italy as a Speaker or Delegate. The topic of the current year’s gathering is Novel ways of presenting and providing insights into new statistical methods, or novel uses of existing methods, in epidemiological studies which will give a worldwide Platform to talk of present and future of Epidemiology.

Theme: To discuss unprecedented challenges in building Global Public Health.

Scientific Sessions

Infective Disease Epidemiology
Epidemiology And Public Health
Cancer Epidemiology
Tuberculosis Epidemiology
Public Health Nursing
Disease Control Epidemiology
Nutritional Epidemiology
Molecular Epidemiology
Tropical Medicine
Genetic Epidemiology
Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Injury Epidemiology
Infection Control Epidemiology

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