6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pain Management (Pain Management 2023)


Join us at the “6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pain Management (Pain Management 2023)” hosted by Conference Series, where researchers, professors, scientific communities, delegates, students, business professionals, and executives are cordially invited. The event will take place in Rome, Italy, from December 04-05, 2023. This conference will provide a platform for engagement, empowerment, evolution, and exploration of knowledge for¬†anesthesia, intensive care, pain medicine,¬†palliative care, and related professionals. With a thematic focus on “Explore innovative approaches to pain relief and regain control of your life,” our goal is to bring together esteemed experts and scholars in anesthesia, pain medicine, and palliative care to foster the advancement of core knowledge and major breakthroughs in these rapidly emerging fields.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Interventional Pain Management
Track 2:Anesthesia and Critical Care
Track 3:Pain Medicine
Track 4:Pain Management and Rehabilitation
Track 5:Advances in Internal Medicine
Track 6:NSAIDs and Analgesics
Track 7:Classification of pain relief analgesics
Track 8:Pharmacological Approaches for Pain
Track 9:Non-Pharmacological Approaches for Pain
Track 10:Regenerative Medicine
Track 11:Arthritis & Inflammation
Track 12:Pain Assessment Tools
Track 13:Cancer Pain Management
Track 14:Paediatric Pain Management
Track 15:Orofacial Pain
Track 16:Pain Management Nursing
Track 17:Clinical Manifestations & Epidemiology of Pain
Track 18:Neuropathic Pain and Neuro Orthopaedics
Track 19:Acute Pancreatitis
Track 20:Pain Management Market
Track 21:Pain Control Techniques

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens07/09/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline27/09/2023
Abstract Submission Closes30/11/2023
Registration Opens07/09/2023
Registration Deadline27/09/2023
Registration Closes01/12/2023
Early bird registration27/09/2023
on spot registration04/12/2023
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  1. David Marsh

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post! The 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Pain Management (Pain Management 2023) serves as a hub for education, collaboration, and inspiration in the field of pain management. It has the potential to drive progress, enhance patient care, and shape the future of pain management practices globally.

    1. Kind Congress

      Dear David Marsh
      Thanks for your Attention.
      We are happy to help the science.

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