5th World Congress on Pathology and Clinical Practice


We’re pleased to advertise that the 5th World Congress on Pathology and Clinical Practice from September 18- 19, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Theme :Exploring the Future of Clinical Practice and Pathology

This conference provides a global platform to presenting your association work. This conference will have an intriguing program that will allow all faculties and delegates to reflect on and celebrate once achievements reconnect expand networks, and inclusively explore current and unborn exploration objects. We hope that you’ll have a productive and delightful ‐ filled time at this veritably special conference.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Anatomical Pathology
Track 2:Cancer Pathophysiology
Track 3:Clinical cardiac electrophysiology
Track 4:Clinical Cytogenetic
Track 5:Clinical Genetics
Track 6:Clinical Immunology
Track 7:Clinical Microbiology
Track 8:Clinical Neurophysiology
Track 9:Clinical Nursing
Track 10:Clinical Pathology
Track 11:Clinical Pharmacology
Track 12:Computational Pathology
Track 13:Cytopathology
Track 14:Dermatopathology
Track 15:Diagnostics Pathology
Track 16:Digital Pathology
Track 17:Environmental Pathology
Track 18:Evidence- Based Clinical Practice
Track 19:Hematopathology
Track 20:Histopathology Cancer
Track 21:Molecular Pathology
Track 22:Neuropathology
Track 23:Oral and maxillofacial pathology
Track 24:Pediatric and Perinatal Pathology
Track 25:Plant pathology
Track 26:Psychopathology
Track 27:Pulmonary pathology
Track 28:Renal pathology
Track 29:Surgical Pathology
Track 30:Veterinary Pathology

Important Dates
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