5th European Autism Congress


We welcome every one of the members from everyplace the world to go to the “5th European Autism Congress”  during May 17- 18, 2023 in  Paris, France which incorporates brief point prolusions, Oral conversations, Bill prolusions, and Exhibitions.

Theme: “Understanding Autistic Mind and Accelerating the Recovery”

Chemical imbalance is a neurodevelopment issue. It’s a state of mind, enduring from youth described by trouble in conveying, failure to frame connections and strange particular conduct norms. Mental imbalance goes on in the majority still quieted. The different heritable, natural, and teratogenic, inoculation rudiments might be the reasons for Autism. About 1 of the total crowd is having Autism.

Scientific Sessions

Autism: Causes, Risk Factors, and Diagnosis
Autism Spectrum Disorders and Research
Autism Awareness and Child Safety
Pediatrics, Neonatology, and Healthcare
Mental Health and Well-being
Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and Mindfulness
Child Psychology and Developmental Disabilities
Child Nutrition and Parenting
Child Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences
Asperger’s Syndrome and Social Communication
Down syndrome and Genetic Disorders
Rett Syndrome and Women’s Health
Speech-language Pathology and Techniques
Vaccination and Nursing Care
Happiness and Quality of Life
Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Counselling

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/02/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline08/05/2023
Abstract Submission Closes15/05/2023
Registration Opens02/02/2023
Registration Deadline17/05/2023
Registration Closes17/05/2023
Early bird registration28/03/2023
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  1. Gabi Khadya

    Is it possible to receive a review of the lectures. Unfortunately I as not able to attend.

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