4th Edition of International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy (GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024)


Magnus Group is pleased to announce its premiere academic and industrial forum for advancements in green chemistry, renewable energy and sustainability entitled “4th Edition of International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy” (GREEN CHEMISTRY 2024) which will be hosted on a virtual platform with option to attend the event in a face-to-face setting at Paris, France during June 17-19, 2024.

The congress will be encompassed with the theme “Extending the Horizons in Green Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Scientific Sessions

1. Green Nanotechnology
2. Sources of Energy
3. Environmental Chemistry and Pollution Control
4. Waste reduction, waste capture and recycling
5. Green and Eco Friendly Polymers and Materials
6. Material Science Engineering and Energy Efficient Materials
7. Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources
8. Green Sustainable Agriculture
9. Impacts of Climate Change
10. Sustainable Chemistry
11. Photovoltaic Technology
12. Chemical Batteries
13. Biopolymer and Bioplastics
14. Nuclear and Clean Energy Technologies
15. Future Trends in Green Chemistry
16. Green Synthesis
17. Marine Energy
18. Climate Change and Global warming
19. Renewable energy – conversion and storage
20. Alternate Fuels/Energy
21. Green Chemistry in other fields
22. Green Catalysis and Green Technology
23. Smart Grid, Grid Modernization and Hybrid Systems
24. Hazardous Waste Management
25. Waste to Energy
26. Analysis of emerging pollutants
27. Green Chemistry in Environment
28. Biomass/Bioenergy
29. Bioremediation and Biodegradation
30. Energy-Saving Technology
31. Green Processing and Solar Energy
32. Catalysis – Recent Developments
33. Green Environmental Toxicology
34. Applications of Green Chemistry
35. Analytical Methods in Green Chemistry

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens15/06/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline16/06/2024
Abstract Submission Closes10/06/2024
Registration Deadline16/06/2024
Registration Closes16/07/2023
Early bird registration10/06/2024
on spot registration17/06/2024
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