3rd International Forum on Physics and Astronomy (PHYSICSFORUM2023)


It is with great pleasure that we welcome all the researchers in the field of Physics and Astronomy to the 3rd International Forum on Physics and Astronomy (PHYSICSFORUM2023), which will be held in San Diego, USA during December 11-13, 2023.

Scientific Sessions

Theoretical Physics
Particle Physics
Plasma Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Applied Physics
Quantum Physics
Photonics and Laser Physics
High Energy Nuclear Physics
Two-Dimensional Material Graphene
Acoustic Tractor Beam
Low Temperature Physics
Electron Magnetism
Nano Engineering and Technology
Semiconductors and Optoelectronics
Computational Techniques in Astrophysics
Black Hole
Life on Mars
Observational Astronomy
Higgs Boson
Solar & Stellar Physics
Gravitational Waves
Neutrinos from the Sun
Light Pollution
Dark Matter
Holographic Memory
Electron Magnetism

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens11/12/2022
Abstract Submission Deadline11/11/2023
Abstract Submission Closes11/11/2023
Registration Opens11/12/2022
Registration Deadline11/12/2023
Registration Closes11/12/2023
Early bird registration25/08/2023
on spot registration11/12/2023
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