31st International Conference on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases


We cordially invite you to the “31st International Conference on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases ” which will feature timely keynote addresses, oral talks, and poster presentations, on July 31-August 01, 2023 in Madrid, Spain. This invitation is on behalf of the organizing committee. Cardiovascular Medicine is the most widely used provider of cardiovascular services, specializing in the detection, management, treatment, and prevention of various cardiovascular diseases.

Theme: Stimulating Excellence in Cardiology

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Heart Disease in Woman
Track 2:Cardiovascular Engineering
Track 3:Cardiac Regeneration
Track 4:Hypertension
Track 5:Clinical Cardiology
Track 6:Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS): Clinical Science and Diagnosis
Track 7:Anesthesia
Track 8: Advancements in treatment for cardiovascular diseases and Surgery
Track 9:Cardiac physiology
Track 10:Cardiology
Track 11:Cholesterol, PCOS, obesity, and risk
Track 12:Congenital heart disease—diagnosis, surgery, and treatment
Track 13:Central Nervous System and Heart Disease
Track 14:Cardiac surgery
Track 15:Cardio-Oncology
Track 16:Diagnostic tests in cardiology
Track 17:Epidemiology and preventive cardiology
Track 18:Invasive Cardiology
Track 19:Non-Invasive Cardiology
Track 20:Pediatric cardiac disorders and congenital heart disease

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens15/01/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline20/03/2023
Abstract Submission Closes30/03/2023
Registration Opens15/01/2023
Registration Deadline20/06/2023
Registration Closes31/07/2023
Early bird registration15/03/2023
on spot registration31/07/2023
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