2nd International Conference on Neonatology (Neonatology 2023)


Neonatology Conference 2023 warmly welcomes all the organizing committee members, editorial board members of conference series, as well as speakers, delegates, moderators, enthusiastic researchers, prominent scientists, students, exhibitors, and Young Student Community from all around the sphere to join the 2nd International Conference on Neonatology organized by Conference series scheduled in Paris, France on September 25-26, 2023.

Theme: Advancing Neonatal Care: From Research to Practice


Scientific Sessions
  • Track 1:Pediatrics
    Track 2:Perinatology
    Track 3:Abortion
    Track 4:Amniotic Bands
    Track 5:Birth Asphyxia
    Track 6:Breast Feeding
    Track 7:Hypocalcaemia Neonates
    Track 8:Necrotizing Enterocolitis
    Track 9:Neonatal Dermatology
    Track 10:Neonatal Genetic Disorders
    Track 11:Neonatal Nutrition
    Track 12:Neonatal Seizures
    Track 13:Neonatal Sepsis
    Track 14:Neonatal Skin Infections
    Track 15:Neonatal Surgery
    Track 16:Neonatal Vaccines
    Track 17:New-Born Screening
    Track 18:New-Born Common Problems
    Track 19:Retinopathy of Prematurity
    Track 20:Zika and Microcephaly
    Track 21:Perinatal infection
Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens29/06/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline31/08/2023
Abstract Submission Closes08/09/2023
Registration Opens29/06/2023
Registration Deadline31/08/2023
Registration Closes20/09/2023
Early bird registration29/06/2023
on spot registration25/09/2023
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