2nd International Conference on Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery


The 2nd International Conference on Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery will be held from June 28-30, 2023 in the beautiful city of London, UK. moderators and exhibitors from everywhere in the world to our Cosmetology conference 2023 event from the area of Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetology to introduce and examine the principal ongoing advancements, patterns, concerns, pragmatic difficulties experienced, and the arrangements received in Cosmetic Surgery.

The main theme of the Cosmetology Conference 2023 is “Scientific Investigation & Surgical Innovations in Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery.” The cosmetology conferences 2023 purpose is to provide an excellent program that will advance cosmetic surgery and Plastic Surgery by exchanging knowledge and experience about treatment strategies.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Cosmetology
Track 2: Plastic Surgery
Track 3: Facial Rejuvenation
Track 4: Surgical Dermatology
Track 5: Cosmetic Surgery
Track 6: Skin Cancer & Mohs Surgery
Track 7: Abdominoplasty
Track 8: Craniofacial Surgery
Track 9: Pigmentary Disorders
Track 10: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Track 11: Aesthetics Surgery
Track 12: Dermoscopy
Track 13: Trichology and Hair Transplant
Track 14: Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty
Track 15: Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Track 16: Business Practices
Track 17: Cosmetic Dentistry
Track 18: Cosmetic Pathology
Track 19: Current Research & Case reports in Cosmetics
Track 20: Recent Advances in Cosmetology & Plastic Surgery

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