2nd Annual Advanced Biofuels Forum 2024


We are so proud to announce that the 2nd Annual Advanced Biofuels Forum 2024 will be held on May 29-30, 2024 at (TBA), Amsterdam, Netherlands (Hybrid Event).

An increasing number of population and urbanization growth together with various cultures are constantly driving an increasing demand for the deployment and generation of power grids for the future. We can say it’s of high demand that a sustainable global energy system is needed to tackle and lower the emission of carbon to the ecosystem, but to achieve this, the criteria needed to meet these expectations is ‘more energy’. Despite the rapid increase in demand of electric vehicles in the EU market, other automobiles such as the light and heavy duty transport vehicles running on fuels and diesels, still account for a high percentage of carbon emission machines. While other carbon emission transport vehicles from marine and aviation are still on the rise.

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