29th Annual Summit on Neuroscience & Neurological Disorders


We are pleased to announce our upcoming 29th Annual Summit on Neuroscience & Neurological Disorders is scheduled during July 17-18, 2023 in London, UK. It is our privilege to solicit each one of you to our meritorious Neurological Disorder 2023 of all the dignitaries worldwide over there.

The main theme for the Neurological Disorder 2023 (ASNND23) is “Latest Techniques and Strategies in Neuroscience and Neurological Disorder

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Neurological Disorders
Track 2:Neuro Immunology
Track 3:Neuroimaging
Track 4:Neurosurgery
Track 5:Neuro-Oncology
Track 6:Neuropsychiatry
Track 7:Neuro-ophthalmology
Track 8:Alzheimer’s diseases
Track 9:Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation
Track 10:Brain Tumour and Brain Injury
Track 11:Neuroplasticity
Track 12:Brain Mapping
Track 13:Pediatric Neurology
Track 14:Neurodegenerative Diseases
Track 15:Computational Neurology
Track 16:Neurogenetics
Track 17:Spine Surgery
Track 18:Neurology
Track 19:Neurovascular Disorder
Track 20:Neuropharmacology
Track 21:Neural Engineering
Track 22:Geriatric Neurology
Track 23:Clinical Neurophysiology or Physiology
Track 24:Behavioural Neurology
Track 25:Autonomic Neurology
Track 26:Cognitive Neurology
Track 27:Cellular-Neuroscience
Track 28:Metastasis
Track 29:Radiology

Important Dates
on spot registration2023-07-17
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