24th World Congress on Pediatric Oncology and Cancer Care


The “24th World Congress on Pediatric Oncology and Cancer Care” will take place in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 02-03, 2023 centered around the theme on Pediatric Cancer and Oncology: Improving Treatments and Fostering Supports.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Proton therapy
Track 2:Pediatric Hematologic Malignancies
Track 3:Tumour Biology, Immunology and Immunotherapy
Track 4:Supportive Care and Palliative Care
Track 5:Epidemiology, Policy and Advocacy
Track 6:Rare tumours and Histiocytosis
Track 7:Myeloid leukaemia, Myelodysplastic and Myeloproliferative Syndrome
Track 8:Organic Foods and Cancer Risk: Separating Myth from Fact
Track 9:Oncology Nursing
Track 10:Radiation Oncology
Track 11:Colorectal Cancer and Stem Cells
Track 12:Cancer Causes and Diagnosis
Track 13:Cancer Biomarkers
Track 14:Cancer Therapeutics and Novel Approaches
Track 15:Cancer Management and preventions
Track 16:Gynaecologic Oncology
Track 17:Immuno Oncology
Track 18:Neuro Oncology
Track 19:Anticancer drug-discovery therapy
Track 20:Pediatric Oncology
Track 21:Pulmonary Oncology
Track 22:Surgical Oncology
Track 23:Cancer and Oncology Diagnosis and Screening
Track 24:Cancer and Oncology Genetics
Track 25:Cancer Awareness and Survival
Track 26:Cancer Epidemiology Prevention
Track 27:Cancer Metastasis
Track 28:Clinical Oncology
Track 29:Natural methods for treatment of Cancer
Track 30:Neonatal and Pediatric Oncology
Track 31:Oncology and Cancer Research
Track 32:Pediatric Pharmacotherapy

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