24th International Conference on Green Chemistry-2022

“24th International Conference on Green Chemistry-2022

EuroSciCon invites all the participants from all over the world to attend “24th International Conference on Green Chemistry-2022’’ during May 11-12, 2022, at Florida, USA. Which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations, Workshops and Exhibitions. Green Chemistry -2022 is a global overview the Theme: “To foster cutting-edge research for the enlargement of sustainable technologies” is designed for professionals at all levels and career phases of the Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry and Petroleum industry, who want to improve their understanding of what will drive and shape the future of the market. This will include senior executives, sales and marketing personnel, strategic planners, who will be benefit from a broad overview of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and petroleum industry

Scientific Sessions

• Green Chemistry In Pharmaceutical Industries
• Analytical Methods In Green Chemistry
• Applications Of Green Chemistry And LCA
• Biodegradation
• Biomass & Bioenergy
• Biopolymer & Bioplastics
• Eco Friendly Materials
• Future Trends In Green Chemistry
• Green Catalysis
• Green Chemistry
• Green Chemistry & Sustainable Process

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