2024 World Endocrine, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Conference (2024EDCC)


It gives us great pleasure in welcoming you to the 2024 World Endocrine, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Conference (2024EDCC) will be held on October 18-19, 2024 at Osaka, Japan.

The 2024 World Endocrine, Diabetes & Cardiovascular Conference (2024EDCC) will be organized around the theme ‘Bridging Science and Clinical Practice’.

This International Endocrine Care Meet (2024EDCC) anticipates hundreds of participants including Didactic keynote and session lectures, panel discussions, case-based breakouts, and original scientific abstracts, questions and answers, young researchers’ investigations and poster presentations. Leading experts will present new concepts, technologies, management protocols, and clinical experiences in their respective disciplines. This conference perhaps a giant event that creates an ideal platform to share expertise addressing current advancements involved in critical care management. It will be a wonderful opportunity for all the delegates as it provides an international networking opportunity to collaborate with the world-class trauma and critical care and medical associations.

Scientific Sessions

Clinical Endocrinology
Molecular Endocrinology
Endocrine Oncology, Endocrine Connections
Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolism
Cardiovascular Disorders
Pediatric Endocrine
Nutrition and Lifestyle
Thyroid Disorders
Reproductive endocrinology
Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition
Calcium and Bone
Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology
Environmental Endocrinology
Clinical Endocrinology
Endocrine related Cancer and Tumors
Neuroendocrinology and NET (neuroendocrine tumor)
Reproductive and Development Endocrinology
Transgender Medicine and Research
Endocrinology and Genetics

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens30/03/2024
Early bird registration15/02/2024
Date formats: d/m/y
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