19th European Organic Chemistry Congress


The “19th European Organic Chemistry Congress”[Euro Organic Chemistry Conference 2023] that is to be organized during August 30-31, 2023 London, UK which incorporates prompt keynote presentations, oral talks, poster displays and exhibitions.

Theme:”Contemporary methodologies and revolutionary trends in organic chemistry”

Euro Organic Chemistry 2023 is an international platform to debate and learn about new compounds and its structures, bonding, reactivity in field of chemistry and in organometallic chemistry, organic chemical science, biogeochemistry, marine chemical science, petroleum chemical science, bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, advancements in the fields of modern experimental chemistry, modern analytical chemistry, modern theoretical chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, flow chemistry, microwave chemistry, green chemistry, spectroscopy, new synthetic ways and advances in catalysis.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Organic Chemistry
Track 2:Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry
Track 3:Material and Polymer Chemistry
Track 4:Medicinal Chemistry
Track 5:Biochemistry and Forensics
Track 6:Green and Environmental Chemistry
Track 7:Drug Design and Chemical Engineering
Track 8:Mass Spectroscopy and Filtration Chemistry
Track 9:Analytical techniques in Organic Chemistry
Track 10:Radioactive Chemistry and Reactors
Track 11:Instrumentation and Techniques
Track 12:Catalysis of Organic Reactions
Track 13:Inorganic & Organometallic Compounds
Track 14:Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Track 15:Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry
Track 16:Crop Protection
Track 17:Sustainable Agriculture
Track 18:Bio-fertilizers
Track 19:Organic Farming Vs Conventional Farming
Track 20: Plant Genomics
Track 21:Soil Management
Track 22:Livestock Farming
Track 23:Agricultural Waste Management
Track 24:Transgenic Plants
Track 25:Agribusiness Management
Track 26:Organic Food and Beverages Market
Track 27:Agroecology
Track 28:Integrated Farming

Important Dates
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