12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials (Euro Clinical Trials 2023)


The 12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials (Euro Clinical Trials 2023), with the theme “Futuristic Developments in Clinical Research & Clinical Trials,” is scheduled for November 09-10, 2023, in London, UK. We cordially invite all dignitaries and sponsors from around the world to attend.”

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Clinical Research In Cell & Stem Cell
Track 2:Clinical Research In Vascular stroke.
Track 3:Clinical Research In Drugs
Track 4:Clinical Research In Pediatric & Neonatology
Track 5:Clinical Research In Veterinary Epidemiology
Track 6:Clinical Research In Biomedical
Track 7:Clinical Research In Hemostasis.
Track 8:Clinical Research In Nanotechnology
Track 9:Clinical research in andrology
Track 10:Clinical Research In Genomics and Molecular Biology
Track 11:Clinical Research In Audiologist
Track 12:Clinical Research In Pharmacology
Track 13:Clinical Research In Neurology
Track 14:Clinical Research In heart disease.
Track 15:Clinical Research In Biosafety
Track 16:Clinical Research In Biochemistry
Track 17:Clinical Research
Track 18:Clinical trials
Track 19:Prevention trials
Track 20:Screening trials
Track 21:Treatment trials
Track 22:Quality of life trials
Track 23:Compassionate use trials or expanded access trials
Track 24:Controlled Clinical Trials
Track 25:Randomized controlled trial
Track 26:Non-blind trial an open-label trial, or open trial
Track 27:Non randomized trial
Track 28:Clinical Research in Nursing
Track 29:Clinical Research in Oncology & Cancer
Track 30:Clinical Trials in Pharmacy
Track 31:Clinical Research in Pathology
Track 32:Clinical Trial in nutrition
Track 33:Project Management and Conduct of Trials
Track 34:Clinical Research In Toxicology
Track 35:Clinical Research in Animals and plants
Track 36:Clinical Research In Dental
Track 37:Clinical Research In Diabetes
Track 38:Clinical Research In Bone Marrow
Track 39:Clinical Research In ophthalmology
Track 40:Clinical Research In Rheumatology
Track 41:Clinical Research In Agriculture.
Track 42:Clinical Research In psycho-oncology
Track 43:Clinical Research In Haematology

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens20/10/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline25/07/2023
Abstract Submission Closes07/11/2023
Registration Opens15/07/2023
Registration Deadline08/11/2023
Registration Closes08/11/2023
Early bird registration15/08/2023
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