Meisam Mehri charvadeh

Educational Experience

Undergraduate: Natural Resources Engineering, Wood and Paper Science and Technology, Islamic Azad University, Noshahr and Chalous Branch

Master of Science (MSc): Department of Natural Resources Engineering, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University

P.H.D in Industrial Management at Islamic Azad University of Karaj

Lecturer of Payame Noor University of Rasht

Research Activities

Thesis :
• Primary processes and mother of Chawka Talesh
• Recycling process at Chooka Factory Supervisor: Dr. Mojtaba Soltani
Masters :
• Identification and ranking of factors affecting customer loyalty, using the ANP and DEMATEL fuzzy approach
Supervisor: Dr. Ajang Taj dini Consultant Professor Dr. Shadman Pourmousa
• Print a book from a master’s thesis:

Articles sent to journals and congresses

Scientific Article:
Identifying and Ranking Factors Affecting Customer Loyalty Using Fuzzy Network Analysis and Fuzzy Analysis Process in Alborz Provinces of Guilan
(Journal of Research in Science and Technology of Wood and Forest of Guilan) Volume 22, Issue 4, Winter 2013, Page 29-54
1. The Effect of Climate Change on Gandab Drought in Khuzestan Province Using Time Series Models (ARIMA)

2. Biomass Concepts and Approaches to Its Use in Iran to Protect the Environment

3. Using multi-criteria decision making models (ANP and DEMATEL) in customer loyalty in the wooden furniture industry

4. Drought and climate fluctuations and the role of crisis management in Dehdz station in Khuzestan province using time series ARIMA

5. Ecotourism and its importance in managing forests

6. Role of sustainable agriculture in protecting the environment and the proper use of soil and water resources

7. The concept of sustainable agriculture and its role in removing deprivation in rural areas

8. The Importance and Place of Ergonomics on the Standardization of Wooden Furniture

9. An analysis of the concept of customer loyalty in the furniture industry using multi-criteria decision making models (MCDM

10. Drought and its Impacts on the Dehydration of the Country and Provide Solutions and Recommendations

11. Thresholds for climate change in order to meet national and international environmental standards in line with the principle of sustainable development

12. Identification and ranking of factors affecting customer loyalty in the wooden furniture industry using Fuzzy network analysis and demodulation process in Alborzo provinces of Guilan

13. The growth of tourism industry in Iran with strategic management

14. A Study of the Climate Effort with Traditional Traditional Method for Determining the Tourist Season (Case Study: Southeast of Khuzestan)

15. Environmentally sound and sustainable development with international education system

16. Evaluation and Risk Management of the National Steel Company of Iran using the William Fine Method

17. The study of environmental and tourism abilities of the city of parehsar in Talesh city using GIS for rural tourism development.

18. Woods and its relation to ecotourism and tourism industry

19. Role of Tourism in Rural Tourism and Employment and Sustainable Development

20. Effects of Environmental Pollution and Its Reduction on Society

21. Nanotechnology and its effects on the environment

22. Environmental protection and sustainability of ecotourism-friendly natural resources

23. The Role and Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Individual and Organizational Aspects in Managing Challenges

24. Effective communication between universities and industry for socio-economic development in Iran

25. University and Industry Relationships and Proposals

26. Role of forests in the land cycle and sustainable development

27. Ecotourism Management and its Role in Sustainable Development and Tourism Management

28. Green resource management (Green Productivity (GP)) and increased economic development in Iran


• CEO namaye padideh shafagh co.
• Association of Iranian Management Consultants Managing Director
• Member of forum
• Association Magazine Journal of Wood Crafts Magazine
• Association of Scientific Journal of Wood Industry Association
• Composite Elite Management Sales and Commerce
• Organization of Engineering Organization of Gilan
• Kuhsar Tourist Institute Manager
• Wood Industries Co., Production Manager

• Financial and insurance expert Saman Insurance

• Iranian Wood and Paper Industry Journal – Referee
• Comprehensive Agricultural-Referee Conferences
• Scientific Journal of Engineering Engineering-Referees
• The first scientific conference on modern approaches in the humanities of Iran-Scientific committee and referee
• Comprehensive Conference on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Sustainable Environment-Jury
• International Conference on Psychology and Social Studies – Jury
• International Conference on Modern Research in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Management and Environmental-

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