About Organizer Xtalks

Always at the forefront of digital media, we strive to connect practitioners with quality content in the most accessible and interactive way possible. Our online communities serve as knowledge hubs and information exchanges, enabling industry professionals to make better, more informed decisions.

Our Story
Focused on the highly regulated life science, medical device and food industries, Xtalks delivers an ever-evolving portfolio of digital media formats, such as webinars, videos, news, blogs, virtual events and thought-provoking editorial offerings. Our aim is to better connect practitioners with the content they need, when they need it.

We exhibit the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of a perennial start-up and underpin this with the unparalleled and consistent service delivery of a seasoned market leader.

We are rewarded knowing we’re playing a role in the enhancement of knowledge sharing, accelerated learning and problem-solving, through maximizing communication across the membership bases we serve.

We operate across a select group of industry verticals where we know we can make a valuable contribution. In short, we do things differently because we believe we can make a difference.

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