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Qubit equips the cybersecurity community on local and global perspectives with the professional networking space, offering effective cooperation, sharing the best practices and valuable discussions.
Our mission: We create a community of knowledge and information sharing for the industry’s experts and professionals through networking & education events.
Qubit Security, s.r.o. founded in 2014, operates from the heart of the Europe – Slovakia. First annual conference was held in Prague by its founders and 25 attendees onboard. They created the core of the community and attended each year ever since. In 2015, Qubit Conference started with almost 100 delegates, and couple years later it became a respected and well-known cybersecurity event. In 2019, Qubit Conference attracted almost 250 local cybersecurity professionals.

+421 949 000 338
QuBit Security, s.r.o., Martinčekova 17, 821 01, Bratislava, Slovakia
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