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Medetarian Conference Organizing has emerged as the leader in medical events and is respected in the region for its pioneering work in bringing all participants in the healthcare network together to discuss medical education in a holistic & meaningful manner.

The MCO leverages upon the experience gained through years of organizing, they have the ability to listen, learn and develop events in line with the expectations of the industry that they serve. With their infinite understanding of the current market, support and guidance from local stakeholders and KOL advisors they bring together state of the art medical events.

MCO events offer a benchmark to the industry for quality and content and lead the way in identifying cutting edge knowledge which is relevant to all the participants. Their experience of delivering high-quality events has enabled us to build a strong portfolio of customized events that they deliver for key clients looking to get that extra advantage over their competitors. Their knowledge of the markets, accreditations, marketing messages and logistics management within the healthcare sector makes us the perfect choice for companies looking to deliver premium events for their target audience.

To deliver top-notch knowledge to their participants through extraordinary medical events that keep their healthcare professionals up to date with cutting-edge information.

To become the most preferred partner for conferences and exhibitions in the region, so as to increase medical knowledge exchange to create value and make a difference.
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