About Organizer

We are proud to be celebrating 40 years of supporting our clients to navigate change in their businesses to build real business value. Over 4 decades we have delivered more than 30,000 B2B events featuring more than 500,000 world-class speakers and delivering more than a million hours of business insights for our customers with hundreds of thousands of execs entertained at our hospitality events and educated at our training centres.

Within our Summits business, we have facilitated close to one million one-to-one meetings, allowing our customers to grow and strengthen their businesses. We continue to fully embrace our core value proposition; enabling our clients to improve their business processes and client relationships. We continue to deliver innovative solutions that are as relevant and as vital to our customers business needs as any technology or other business transformation solution.

We look forward to continuing to support our clients across all global markets, and thank them for their continued support!
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