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what we do?
As high-end scientific event organizers, we plan and execute international conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars and workshops that bring together visionaries, keynote speakers and futurists, on the same platform. We provide the best content, an excellent delegate experience, exceptional networking prospects with equally passionate specialists, and a great association to be in touch with people personally.
This simplifies thoughts, innovations and knowledge sharing, changing the way we connect with the continents and facilitating the people around the world to network globally.
Why us?
We have learnt the art of smooth planning and execution when it comes to international scientific conferences and exhibitions. We bring more to the table than just cost benefits. From having a firm grasp on all the minute details to global awareness of the industry and its trends, we ensure that your event is an end-to-end success story.
Our added value and understanding can be leveraged by increasing event attendance or generating sponsorships through high-level contacts and supplier influences. At the end of the day, we understand what is crucial and what needs to be done, and how.
Our mission
Magnivel International Group strongly believes in research and disseminating valuable notions and information of renowned personalities to those who will benefit from it. Our mission is to become the breadwinners of the best content, excellent delegate experience, and extraordinary networking opportunities to fervent professionals in the field of life sciences, pharma, engineering and technologies.
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