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Iris Scientific Group is started to fulfill the requirements and to seek after aggregate objectives of the scientific community particularly focusing in the field of Science and technology to support the efforts to exchange knowledge and ideas which encourage the cooperation between the researchers, scientists, academicians and analysts of interdisciplinary research or same field.

We are expert in conducting conferences, workshops, seminars, and meetings with the peerless and inspired speakers all around the world. We are here to provide you and your association with the opportunities to connect with others, explain your research and make your unique identity in front of others. Our conferences and workshops are known as the sea of learning where we help you to swim and learn everything you want.

In a very short period, Iris Scientific Group became successful in developing a unique platform for experts, budding researchers and professionals from different universities, countries, research institutions, hospitals, companies and industries. Here we provide an opportunity to easily discuss and socialize their techniques of research, goals, facts, latest science discoveries and news.
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