World Congress on Organic Chemistry (WCOC 2024)


We are delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation for your presence at the “World Congress on Organic Chemistry (WCOC 2024)” proudly presented by Scitechseries. This HYBRID EVENT allows you to participate as In person at Montreal, Canada or Virtually from your home or workplace on October 24-25, 2024.

The congress aims to unite a diverse assembly of chemistry professionals, including researchers, chemists, industry experts, educators, and innovators. This event will foster insightful conversations and the exchange of knowledge on a wide spectrum of topics related to organic chemistry, focusing on the theme “Discussing the Development and Applications of Functional Organic Compounds.” By exploring the exciting possibilities within this field, the congress intends to catalyze innovative discussions and collaborations.

As we strive for effective communication, education, and global engagement, this congress aims to play a pivotal role in advancing the realm of organic chemistry. Your presence at this noteworthy event will be a valuable contribution to these endeavors, reflecting your commitment to the progression of organic chemistry and its applications.

We warmly invite you to participate in this exceptional event, where we blend the latest advancements with the pursuit of excellence in Organic chemistry.

Scientific Sessions

1. Functional Organic Materials
2. Physical Organic Chemistry
3. Sustainable Chemistry
4. Bioorganic Chemistry
5. Medicinal Chemistry
6. Organic Materials
7. Organic Reaction Mechanisms
8. Total Synthesis
9. Synthetic Methodology
10. Catalysis of Organic Reactions
11. Stereochemistry and Conformational Analysis
12. Organic Chemistry Education and Outreach
13. Organic Photochemistry and Photo physics
14. Organic Synthesis in Industry
15. Computational Organic Chemistry
16. Physical Methods in Organic Chemistry
17. Heterocyclic Chemistry
18. Natural Products Chemistry
19. Supra molecular Chemistry
20. New Technologies and Techniques

Important Dates
Abstract Submission OpensSeptember 19, 2023
Abstract Submission DeadlineOctober 23, 2024
Abstract Submission ClosesOctober 24, 2024
Registration OpensSeptember 20, 2023
Registration DeadlineOctober 24, 2024
Registration ClosesOctober 24, 2024
Early bird registrationMarch 15, 2024
on spot registration25/10/2024
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