World Congress on Infectious Diseases (WCID 2024)


“We are happy to announce the upcoming Lambda Research Group’s World Congress on Infectious Diseases (WCID 2024) during November 11-12, 2024. This will be an in-person event, at Bangkok, Thailand.

WCID 2024 Meeting will bring investigators together to share their science and build connections. Researchers from all around the globe to meet at this two-day conference to inform themselves on the latest in infectious disease research and encourage new, fruitful collaborations.

The conference provides an up-to-date overview of various topics concerning infectious diseases such as surveillance, prevention, treatment and management of epidemics, at national and international level. It is aimed at any healthcare provider with an interest in infectious diseases: microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, hygienists, laboratory technicians, epidemiologists, public health personnel etc.

We are pleased to extend an invitation to all experts in public health, healthcare, virology, epidemiology, and infection prevention & control practitioners to participate in this conference. This hybrid summit offers in-depth talks on current research and cutting-edge tactics in the fields of infectious disease and other allied fields.

Scientific Sessions

Infectious Diseases
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
Research on Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19
Bacterial Infectious Diseases
Parasitology & Infectious Diseases
Causes and Symptoms of Infectious Diseases
Vaccines and Vaccination
Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Nosocomial Infections & Control
Viral Infectious Diseases
Veterinary Diseases
Fungal Infectious Diseases
Tropical Infectious Diseases
STD and HIV Infection
Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control and Cure
Neuro Infectious Diseases
Infection, Immunity and Inflammation
Pharmacology of Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine for Infectious Diseases
Clinical and Case Reports
Blood Infectious Diseases
Plants Diseases and Fungal Infection Control
Ebola and Zika Viral Infections
Orthopedic Infections
Non-communicable Diseases
Problems in Infectious Disease Practice
Viruses and Cancer
Critical Care and its Applications
Market Analysis of Infectious Diseases

Important Dates
Abstract Submission OpensSeptember 25, 2024
Abstract Submission DeadlineSeptember 25, 2024
Abstract Submission ClosesSeptember 25, 2024
Registration DeadlineSeptember 25, 2024
Registration ClosesSeptember 25, 2024
Early bird registrationSeptember 25, 2024
on spot registrationNovember 11, 2024
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