International Connect on Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TRADITIONALCONNECT2025)


I am delighted to extend a sincere invitation to you to join us as a Plenary Speaker at our International Connect on Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TRADITIONALCONNECT2025), Slated to occur on February 24-26, 2025 in Barcelona, Spain . With your esteemed position as Immediate Past President within your lane, your invaluable expertise and insights promise to enhance our conference proceedings significantly.

Your contributions in your area have been widely acknowledged, and we believe that your perspective would offer invaluable guidance to our attendees. Your address as a plenary speaker would not only elevate the discourse but also inspire fellow professionals in our community

Scientific Sessions

Traditional and Alternative Medicine
Chiropractic Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Computational Traditional Medicine
Pathology and Clinical Medicine
Herbal Drugs and Herbal Cosmetics
Homeopathy and Naturopathy
Antioxidants and Rehabilitation
Homeopathic medication for pregnant women
Conventional Oriental Medicine
Japanese conventional Drugs
Homeopathic treatment for cancer
Exercise and Physical Therapy -Yoga
Cosmetics, Skin care and Dermatology
Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry
Natural Remedy options for Asthma
Alternative cancer treatment
Ayurvedic Remedies for hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
Mind Therapy
Traditional Medicines Side effects and Complications
Alternative and Natural supplements for kidney diseases

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens07/01/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline24/10/2024
Registration Deadline14/02/2025
Early bird registration19/07/2024
on spot registration24/02/2025
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